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Beast Sports shares the complete formula behind Super Test Maximum

Super Test Maximum

Beast Sports has revealed the formula behind its upcoming testosterone boosting supplement Super Test Maximum which was put together with the one and only Guerrilla Chemist. As expected the product packs a lengthy list of ingredients to make Beast’s latest Super Test formula a comprehensive experience.

For testosterone support, Super Test Maximum comes with 100mg of PrimaVie branded shilajit, 300mg of Furostan fenugreek, 10mg of boron citrate, and a strong 600mg of KSM-66 ashwagandha. The supplement also has the new S7 blend for nitric oxide support and 50mg of laxogenin for anabolic growth.

The last few areas in Beast Sports Super Test Maximum includes 150mg of stinging nettle and 200mg each of Japanese knotweed, DIM, and pumpkin extract for estrogen and DHT defense. Rounding out the combination are two more ingredients for liver and kidney support with 600mg of NAC and 100mg of cranberry.

Super Test Maximum

As you can see, the Guerrilla Chemist has put together another loaded formula for Beast Sports and Super Test Maximum, although it is not the end. The brand itself said it teamed up with the Guerrilla Chemist for a few products and that the testosterone booster is just the first of the lot to launch.

Beast Sports plans on releasing its Guerrilla Chemist formulated Super Test Maximum soon, with its website expected to get stock before anywhere else. The brand is actually already listed the supplement at at $54.99 and alongside a very in-depth explanation of the product.