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Bulk Powders launches a huge sugar-free chocolate egg for Easter

bulk powders macro munch easter egg

The UK brand Bulk Powders has joined in on the fun for Easter this year and released its own special edition product with the Macro Munch Easter Egg. It is a box set snack that comes with a giant 150g low sugar egg as well as two of the brand’s great tasting Macro Munch protein bars.

Bulk Powders’ giant egg is made with decadent dark chocolate, and while it may be pretty heavy on calories, it is, in fact, a sugar free product. The nutrition profile on the egg is 7.7g of protein with a hefty 54g of fat (32.4g saturated), 68.9g of carbohydrates, and a total of 717 calories.

Fans of the brand can pick up Bulk Powders’ limited edition Macro Munch Easter Egg along with its two Macro Munch protein bars, over on its website. The price on the entire box set isn’t too bad at £5.99, and there is still plenty of time until Easter on the 21st of next month.