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CNP Pro EAA Ice featuring Amino9 EAAs and Ice Breeze Technology

cnp pro eaa ice

The long-running UK brand CNP has a new supplement hitting the market later this month that jumps on the essential amino acid trend. The product is CNP Pro EAA Ice, and it gets its name from its comprehensive mix of aminos and the unique twist the brand has given its three flavor options.

The main ingredients in the upcoming CNP Pro EAA Ice are of course the EAAs, which aren’t just any mix of the nine essential amino acids. The EAAs in the brand’s supplement actually come from the premium, patented Compound Solutions Amino9 blend at a total dose of 7g of EAAs per serving.

cnp pro eaa ice

Alongside the Amino9 blend, CNP Pro EAA Ice also has a gram of the branded CocoMineral instantized coconut water extract and half a gram of Sustamine glutamine. The product is due to launch with the usual 30 servings per tub in exactly ten days from now on Monday the 18th of March.

CNP Pro EAA Ice will be available in three flavors with Frozen Fruit Fusion, Iced Grape Soda, and Chilled Raspberry Lemonade. Where the twist comes in on the options is that they’re all infused with Ice Breeze Technology which adds a nice unique chilling effect as you drink them.