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Coca-Cola energy drink coming next month with 80mg of caffeine

coca-cola energy

Next month in the UK, Coca-Cola is launching its first-ever Coca-Cola brand energy drink simply named Coca-Cola Energy. The product is going to feature its own unique look and have a great Coca-Cola taste alongside ingredients to give you a convenient boost in energy.

Coca-Cola’s Great Britain and Ireland general manager Jon Woods says “Our strategy is to offer people a wide range of drinks to meet different lifestyles and occasions and Coca-Cola Energy is the latest example of that.”

The upcoming Coca-Cola Energy will be available in two variants with a regular version as well as a sugar-free. When it comes to nutrition, the regular Coca-Cola Energy is going to have 26g of sugar, while the no sugar option marked with a black rim will of course have no sugar.

Both versions of Coca-Cola Energy are made with guarana, no taurine, B vitamins, and of course caffeine to help increase energy. Coca-Cola Energy gets its caffeine from naturally derived sources, providing a reasonable amount of 80mg per 250ml can similar to Red Bull.