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Cocoa+ huge high protein eggs are back in milk and dark chocolate

cocoa plus protein egg

Giving you plenty of time left until Easter on the 21st of next month, Cocoa+ has brought back its large, high protein, chocolate eggs. The product is indeed quite heavy, weighing in at huge 150g and providing 41g of protein, 57g of fat, 39.9g of carbohydrates with 34g of sugar, and a total of 852 calories.

The Cocoa+ protein egg is made with a very simple set of ingredients including cocoa butter, cane sugar, milk and cocoa powder, and whey isolate for the extra protein. The product comes in two versions with Milk Chocolate and Dark Chocolate, both of which are now available over at

The price on the giant, calorie-loaded chocolate eggs is £7.98 (10.54 USD) each, although the brand does have hampers that can save you a bit of money. There is the twin hamper with one of each egg for £14.99, as well as the spectacular hamper with a whole bunch of chocolate products for £24.99.