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Updated Vaso Grow steps up with the transparency of its nitrate

dedicated nutrition vaso grow

Dedicated Nutrition has partially revealed the formula behind one of the three supplements it is relaunching for its original European line of products. The item that is first up from the brand is its all-day muscle pump formula Vaso Grow which by the looks of things is going to have seven different ingredients.

To get some hype going, Dedicated Nutrition has uncovered two of the features in its refreshed Vaso Grow formula, and they are both branded ingredients. There is Vaso6 at a dose of 333.3mg, and 3g of NO3-T arginine nitrate that will be transparently dosed, which is something we’ve never seen before with a nitrate.

On the label of the upcoming Dedicated Nutrition Vaso Grow, the NO3-T will be listed at 3g, then directly below that it will be further broken down into 2.7g of arginine and 300mg of nitrates. As mentioned, this is not something we’ve seen before as all of the brands we’ve seen using nitrates only list the overall dose without the breakdown.

The ingredients confirmed today for Dedicated Nutrition’s new and improved Vaso Grow are just two of seven that will be in the supplement. The other five will combine for a total weight of 1,132.7mg, with the entire formula set to be jammed into a rather large, and impressive ten capsule serving size.