Details surface on a protein packed MusclePharm Protein Cookie

musclepharm protein cookie

Details have surfaced on another protein snack from MusclePharm to go with its variety of protein bars, although the upcoming item is not a bar. The new product confirmed for the brand is the Muscle Pharm Protein Cookie and based on pictures it looks like quite the protein treat.

The Birthday Cake flavor of the MusclePharm Protein Cookie is the only one we’ve got a complete look at which features a drizzle across the top along with rainbow pieces. The product is gluten-free and provides a reasonable 16g of protein per cookie with a total of 210 calories.

We’re not sure how many flavors MusclePharm has lined up for its Protein Cookie, although we have to imagine Birthday Cake isn’t the only one. We’re also not sure exactly when the protein snack is due to be available, only that it is on the way and coming in boxes of 12 cookies.

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