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Insane Labz partners with the Hellboy film for two new supplements

insane labz hellboy edition

Insane Labz has partnered with the team behind the upcoming superhero film Hellboy, releasing in theaters next month on Friday the 12th. For the partnership, the brand has put together two new supplements with a pre-workout and an energy infused amino.

The Hellboy edition pre-workout from Insane Labz is a spin-off of its long-running product Psychotic, with the other supplement being the entirely new Insane Amino. Both of the Hellboy products are non-transparent, so you don’t know the exact doses of any of their main ingredients.

Hellboy Psychotic

Insane Labz Hellboy edition of Psychotic features a somewhat light 5.3g blend of common pre-workout ingredients for energy and performance. The pre-workout’s blend is made up of up beta-alanine, taurine, citrulline malate, tyrosine, caffeine, Infinergy, caffeine citrate, AMPiberry, and alpha yohimbine.

hellboy psyhotic

Insane Amino

As for Insane Labz other Hellboy supplement Insane Amino, it also features a simple blend of ingredients. The Insane Amino blend weighs in at just 5.4g, which is just over the amount of BCAAs you’ll find in a lot of BCAA formulas. The product’s ingredients are taurine, BCAAs, glutamine, arginine AKG, beta-alanine, caffeine, citrulline malate, tyrosine, green tea, lysine, and AMPiberry.

insane amino


Neither of Insane Labz Hellboy supplements are available for purchase just yet, but will be here in time for the release of the Hellboy film. The products are currently due to arrive on Monday the 1st of April and can now be pre-ordered from in three flavors each.

The prices on the Hellboy edition of Psychotic is $66.66 per tub, and for the energy infused Insane Amino, you’re looking at a cost of $39.99. Insane Labz does also have a stack available with a full tub of each supplement that’ll save you a few dollars with a price of $99.99 for the two.