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iWon Organics is releasing a sweet type snack at the end of the month

iwon organics sweet protein snack

The innovative high protein snack brand iWon Organics, recently released its new crispy chip style product with Protein Stix. This week the brand has confirmed that it already has another new snack coming down the pipeline which is due to launch in precisely two weeks on March 27th.

iWon Organics has not shared any kind of teaser image or even a name for the upcoming product, just a few details about the intriguing release. The mystery item will be high in protein, the brand’s first sweet type snack, and according to iWon, it will also be the first of its kind in the category.

As mentioned and as you can see, iWon Organics is keeping pretty everything about its next new protein snack under wraps. After seeing how creative and different the brand can be, we don’t have any guesses as to what the product might be, but we are excited to find out.