Max Effort Muscle’s topical pain cream CBD Relief has been released

Mar 15th, 2019
max effort muscle cbd relief

CBD Relief is the latest new supplement from the direct-to-consumer only brand Max Effort Muscle, and is its second overall CBD product. Up until now, the brand had just the usual liquid dropper CBD supplements in a variety of concentrations and a growing list of flavor options.

Max Effort Muscle CBD Relief is a natural formula that promotes itself on the outside of its tin as a topical pain cream. Each container of the brand’s newest release has a total of 200mg of CBD and will cost you the same as all of Max Effort’s regular supplements at $34.99 each.

Alongside the new CBD product this week, Max Effort Muscle has introduced another flavor option of its anytime energy supplement simply named Energy. The latest addition to its menu is a creative Cotton Candy recipe which bumps up its total number of tastes to three.

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