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Max Protein updates its best selling Good Morning Instant Oatmeal

max protein good morning instant oatmeal

Max Protein is a popular and impressively unique functional food company out of Spain that has quite a variety of products available. The brand’s lineup includes a number of delicious looking items including Good Morning protein cereal, and the snacks Black Max Total Choc and Maximinos.

The Spanish brand recently updated one of its longer running supplements with Max Protein’s Good Morning Instant Oatmeal. The product is promoted as a well flavored, sweet tasting bag of oatmeal featuring a straightforward mix of macros and is said to be “Europe’s Best Selling Oatmeal”.

The nutrition profile on Good Morning Instant Oatmeal is similar to regular oatmeal with the Brownie flavor providing 57.4g of carbs, 11.1g of protein, and 6.1g of fat per 100g serving. Where the Max Protein supplement gets a little different is that its Brownie flavor is just one of many it has available.

Good Morning Instant Oatmeal comes in a mountain of flavors including the delicious options Choco Cream Cookies, Rocher, Marshmallow, and Donut. All of its flavors are available in 1.5kg and double 3kg bag sizes, and can be purchased directly from Max Protein over at

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