‘Merica Labz confirms Cream Soda and Cherry Cola ‘Merica Energy

Mar 1st, 2019
cherry cola merica energy

While ‘Merica Labz hasn’t got anything entirely new on display at the Arnold Classic Expo this weekend in Columbus, it has shared news on some products on the way. The news is all related to our favorite product from the ‘Merica Labz team, with what we consider to be the best tasting energy drink on the market in ‘Merica Energy.

The news is that two new flavors of the brand’s energizing beverage are coming very soon. The upcoming ‘Merica Energy options are both flavors that have been mentioned previously with Cream Soda and Cherry Cola. The word on when they’ll be available is somewhere around two to three months from now.

We were fortunate enough to sample both of the new ‘Merica Energy flavors and are pleased to say they do not disappoint. Both flavors deliver on their title tastes just as well as the product’s other options. The Cherry Cola is probably the standout of the two as it combines its two flavors so smoothly it’s hard not to enjoy it.