Myprotein 6 Layer Bar made with a variety of flavors, textures and features

The Myprotein 6 Layer Bar is an all-new high protein snack that as per its name, features six loaded layers of flavor. The UK brand has done an incredible job at making the product look absolutely delicious and best of all, the protein bar isn’t too bad on the nutrition side of things.

The macros on the Myprotein 6 Layer Bar start with a strong 20g of protein and a very reasonable calorie count of 256. The rest of the nutrition profile includes 18.2g of carbohydrates with less than 3g of that sugar, 9.6g of fiber, and 9.1g of fat with 2.8g of that saturated fat.

Where the new 6 Layer Bar gets exciting is with its descriptive selection of four different flavors all with protein dough, crispies, and gooey caramel. There is Chocolate Brownie featuring fudge and a milk chocolate coating, and Lemon Meringue with meringue pieces and a white chocolate coating.

myprotein 6 layer bar

The other options are Cookies & Cream featuring dark chocolate biscuit and white chocolate, and Birthday Cake with hundreds and thousands and also white chocolate. The options all sound like quite the treat with Chocolate Brownie and Birthday Cake being the two we just ordered.

Myprotein’s new 6 Layer Bar is now in stock on its main UK online store at, but not its US website. A full box of 12 protein bars will cost you £23.99 (31.63 USD) which works out to £2 each, and if you’re ordering from within the UK, for a limited time you can get free shipping.

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