Myprotein’s delicious Protein Popcorn rejoins its US lineup of products

myprotein protein popcorn

Two years ago in 2017 Myprotein introduced a delicious high protein snack for its US family of products with Protein Popcorn in four different flavors. This week the brand has brought that snack back and relaunched it with an up-to-date look but in only two of its original options.

Myprotein’s Protein Popcorn has returned in Cinnamon Krunch and Dark Chocolate Sea Salt flavors, and by the looks of things, it has the same nutrition profile. A full bag of the snack provides 40g of protein, 88g of carbohydrates with 60g of that sugar, 12g of fat, and 600 calories.

Fans of Myprotein can now grab the re-released Protein Popcorn from the brand’s US website at The protein snack will currently cost you $9.99 per bag, but for a limited time if you order using the coupon code “MAR30” you’ll get an extra 90 cents off each bag.

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