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Myprotein launches Impact EAA with 7.16g of aminos per serving

myprotein impact eaa

Impact EAA is the latest supplement released in Myprotein’s massive European and UK line of products. As the name suggests, Impact EAA jumps on the trend of essential amino acids (EAA) and brings together a blend of all nine EAAs, including the three BCAAs to help with muscle repair and recovery.

Myprotein has kept the formula pretty straightforward for Impact EAA, which features all of the EAAs, and that is it. Each serving of the supplement packs 4.5g of BCAAs with 3g of that leucine and 750mg each of isoleucine and valine, as well as 2.66g of the other six EAAs for a total of 7.16g of aminos.

Impact EAA comes in powder form with four flavors available at including Tropical, Strawberry and Lime, Cola, and Unflavored. The product has two sizes to choose from with a 27 serving bag at £27.99 and a twice as large, but 16% more cost-effective 55 serving at £47.99 (63.30 USD).

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