NOCCO is bringing its original sugar-free amino drink to the US

nocco in america

The Sweden based beverage brand NOCCO which is short for, the No Carbs Company, is going to be making its way into the US marketplace very soon. The brand’s signature product is a carbonated, sugar-free amino drink that is infused with caffeine for energy as well as a few other ingredients.

NOCCO has confirmed Americans will be able to purchase its products from Amazon in the near future, although it won’t have its entire Sweden lineup. The brand will be starting with just four drinks in the US which is only a fraction of the selection NOCCO has available in its home country.

The four beverages you’ll be able to pick up from the brand when it hits Amazon are three flavors of its caffeinated amino and one non-caffeinated. The formula is the same as the original with 3g of BCAAs at a 4:1:1 ratio, a handful of vitamins, and 180mg of caffeine, although no caffeine of course in the caffeine free flavor.

The regular flavor options on the way are Peach, Tropical, and Caribbean, and Apple for the caffeine free NOCCO drink. The brand has also said that all of the flavors coming to America will taste the same as the originals in Sweden.