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Nutrex confirms its upcoming EAA + Hydration featuring 8g of EAAs

nutrex eaa hydration

Nutrex has revealed that it is getting ready to jump on the essential amino acid trend with its all-new supplement, EAA + Hydration. The product is going to come under the brand’s well formulated Clinical Edge Series which includes supplements like Outlift and Postlift.

The all-in-one amino product will feature a strong 8g dose of essential amino acids with 75% of that 8g blend belonging to the three BCAAs. As per its title, Nutrex’s EAA + Hydration is also going to come with another group of ingredients weighing in at to help with hydration.

According to Nutrex, the upcoming Clinical Edge Series EAA + Hydration is due to be available in stores and on shelves very soon. It hasn’t provided an exact date for the release, but we do know it’s coming in a variety of flavors including the fruity recipe Apple Pear.

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