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Priority Nutrition launches its first supplement, the focus infused Daily Burn

priority nutrition daily burn

Daily Burn is the first product from the all-new supplement company Priority Nutrition. It is primarily a weight loss formula, although a hybrid one which also features nootropics alongside its handful of fat burning ingredients to also help enhance mental focus.

Priority Nutrition has packed a total of seven transparent dosed ingredients into Daily Burn, making it a reasonably comprehensive weight loss supplement. To give it that extra boost of mental focus the product includes 100mg of alpha-GPC and 300mg of lion’s mane.

priority nutrition daily burn

To help increase energy, Priority Nutrition Daily Burn contains 2mg of yohimbine as well as 200mg of the classic and always reliable caffeine. Rounding out the formula are its metabolism, appetite, and weight loss ingredients with 100mg of green tea and half a gram each of CLA and carnitine.

To go with the full reveal of its combination of ingredients, Priority Nutrition has made its first-ever supplement available for purchase. You can now grab a full-size 30 serving bottle of Daily Burn from the brand’s new online store at for the somewhat high price of $49.99.