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Upcoming Rise Performance Hate is looking more like a peri-workout

rise performance hate

Rise Performance continues to share details on its upcoming supplement Hate, that based on the last update, had us thinking it was a pre-workout. The brand has now shared details on three more ingredients that are going to be in the product that suggest it’ll be more than just a pre-workout.

Alongside Dynamine, TeaCrine, Vaso6, and Infinergy, Rise Performance Hate is going to have the branded Amino9, which is a blend of all nine essential amino acids. The brand has confirmed the supplement will also have the pea sourced carbohydrate Carb10, and the absorption enhancer Bioperine black pepper.

As mentioned, Hate from Rise Performance is starting to sound more like a peri-workout product instead of just a pre-workout. Peri-workouts are formulas you take all around your workout, something you’d start using before you begin, continue to use while you exercise, as well as possibly after your workout too.

We do suspect Rise Performance has more to reveal for its unique new product Hate, which it does still have plenty of time to do. The brand doesn’t plan on launching the all-around supplement until later this month, giving it plenty of time to share more details if in fact there are any.