5% previews Real Carbs + Protein made with beef, egg and chickpea protein

Apr 17th, 2019
5 percent real carbs protein

One of the most well-known supplements from Rich Piana’s brand 5% Nutrition is its carbohydrate formula made with real food ingredients originally named Real Food. The product is now called Real Carbs and has just been confirmed to be coming soon in a spin-off version called Real Carbs + Protein.

The supplement is a combination of carbohydrates and protein, and just like the original, it keeps with the theme of getting all of its nutrition from real food ingredients. Each serving of 5% Nutrition’s Real Carbs + Protein provides 30g of carbohydrates from oats, and 20g of protein from a blend of beef, egg, and chickpea protein.

5% Nutrition plans on dropping its real food meal formula Real Carbs + Protein soon in the one 3.4lb tub size, and in three different flavor options. At the moment only one of the product’s flavors has been confirmed with a typical Chocolate, which suggests the other two may also be more on the traditional side.