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A1 Supplements adds another complex formula to its line with Test Boost

a1 plus test boost

A1 Supplements recently started turning its own brand of products A1 Plus, into a more comprehensive line with its second complex formula in the fat burner Thermo+. This month A1 supplements has also dropped a third complex product with its testosterone booster Test Boost.

There is a total of five main ingredients making up A1 Plus Test Boost that intend to help users with muscle, performance, mood, and strength. A1 Supplements has yet to share the doses for its ingredients, but we do know what they are with tribulus, fenugreek, quercetin, DIM, and boron citrate.

On its website, A1 Supplements has actually priced its testosterone booster the same as its fat burner Thermo+ at $29.95, with each bottle carrying the usual 30 servings. As always, there is a deal available on the latest from A1 Plus where if you grab two bottles, you’ll get them for $20 each.