ANS Performance teases three more supplements for the keto category

ans performance ketosys

ANS Performance has confirmed that more products are on the way for its keto-friendly Ketosys series of supplements that currently consists of five different items. The brand has teased three more products for the line, although it has kept the names and details of each of them covered up.

Based on the teaser ANS Performance has shared for the new keto supplements, it looks like we’re in for a new product and a spin-off of a current one. The spin-off appears to look very similar to brand’s first keto release, the Ketosys meal formula, although with a green seal suggesting it’s a natural alternative of some sort.

As for the other upcoming keto products from ANS Performance, we’re guessing they’re entirely new as the fractions we can see of them don’t look like anything the brand has available at the moment. We do know that both will feature 3g of MCTs as ANS has left that part uncovered in its teaser.

While ANS Performance has not mentioned anything about when any of its new keto-friendly supplements are due to arrive, we assume it will be soon. The brand doesn’t tend to tease or hype anything until they’re near launch, so hopefully, we’ll be finding out more about all of the items sometime soon.