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Body Science releases a relatively small, but lean high protein cookie

body science low carb protein cookie

Australian brand Body Science has put together a new protein snack that isn’t a traditional bar which is also something the brand already has plenty of. The latest from Body Science is a cookie very simply named Low Carb Protein Cookie which is impressively low in carbohydrates as per its name, and low in fat.

The Low Carb Protein Cookie weighs in at a light 30g, so not too surprisingly its nutrition profile is also quite light compared to the heavier cookies on the market. Each cookie packs 10.3g of protein, 2.5g of fat with 1.3g of that saturated fat, just 1.6g of carbohydrates with 1.2g of that sugar, and a total of 93 calories.

For those interested in the ingredient side of Body Science’s Low Carb Protein Cookie, it primarily gets its protein from a dairy blend of whey isolate, calcium caseinate, and milk protein. The brand’s new snack also has no added sugar and is naturally sweetened with no artificial colors or flavors.

The Body Science Low Carb Protein Cookie is now available on the brand’s online store in three great looking flavors with Birthday Cake, Cookie Dough, and Salted Caramel. Directly from the Body Science website, the snack will cost you $39.20 (28.11 USD) for a box of 14 cookies which is just $2.80 a piece.