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BPS Pharma expands into the nootropic market with Not4Pussy HardL3v3l

not4pussy hardl3v3l

BPS Pharma recently expanded its well-known product Not4Pussy into a slightly different category outside of stimulant pre-workouts. The German brand introduced Not4Pussy Ultimate Pump Matrix, which is still a pre-workout, but stimulant free and designed primarily for enhancing muscle pumps.

This week BPS Pharma has announced another spin-off of the stimulant pre-workout Not4Pussy with a nootropic, mental focus formula. The supplement appears to be called Not4Pussy HardL3v3l and is promoted for gaming, as a general anytime boost, and for workouts where you’d prefer more focus.

BPS Pharma has not provided any kind of launch date, week or month for Not4Pussy HardL3v3l, only saying that it is due to release sometime soon.

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