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EVL quietly clears out its Instagram for its mysterious new product

evl mystery product

EVL recently confirmed that it has something significant coming soon, although it didn’t reveal any major details outside of that. The only pieces of information the brand shared were that the product is a spin-off of an already available supplement and it is something EVL has never done before.

Today we have another update on the mysterious item, and while it doesn’t tell us any more about the product itself, it does further confirm it is a significant release. It turns out, EVL has very quietly been deleting all of the posts from its Instagram account @evlsports, which is now only displaying a total of 12.

Wiping out social media is certainly not something we’ve seen from EVL before, and it clearly confirms the brand is building up to its largest launch in history. More information on the supplement is due to be shared within the coming days, although we don’t know yet if it’ll be a reveal or more teasers.

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