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GAT unveils its potent male performance formula Libido Boost for June

gat libido boost

Libido Boost is an all-new supplement coming soon from GAT that is designed to do just as its title says; boost your libido. The product is a male performance formula that aims to enhance vitality, drive, and stamina, and that the brand says supports performance both at home and in the gym.

GAT Libido Boost is a powder product that is launching in June at the major supplement retailer the Vitamin Shoppe in just the one flavor option to start with Power Punch. It has the usual amount of servings per tub with 30, so it’ll last you about one month if you take a serving each day.

gat libido boost

A single serving of GAT’s Libido Boost comes with over 4g of active ingredients, with 3g of that made up of the common pump enhancer, pure citrulline. You can see the male performance supplement’s full formula in the label above which also includes ashwagandha, maca, and saw palmetto.

GAT has decided to make its upcoming Libido Boost a completely transparent product, so you know exactly how much of each of its nine ingredients you get per serving. As mentioned, the brand will be dropping the vitality and stamina supplement sometime in June.