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GN Labs launches its athlete partnered Signature Series at FIBO

gn labs infusion

GN Labs has introduced two new lines of supplements at the 2019 FIBO Expo with one of those two being the athlete themed Signature Series. The new family of products is made up of three supplements, each of which is for a different category and has been put together in partnership with three of its athletes.

Mr. M Boosterkeit

The first item in the GN Labs Signature Series is Mr. M Boosterkeit by German IFBB Pro bodybuilder Steve Benthin who last year placed 6th in the 212 class at the New York Pro. It is an energy and focus boosting product featuring half a gram of n-acetyl tyrosine, 250mg of alpha-GPC, devil’s claw, and 200mg each of caffeine and theanine.

gn labs mr m booster


Next up is GN Labs’ Tobias Hahne intra-workout supplement Infusion bringing together the power of aminos, creatine, and carbohydrates. A hefty full serving of the product comes with 40g of Cluster Dextrin HBCD, electrolytes for hydration, 3g of citrulline malate, 5g of creatine monohydrate for strength, and a combined 14g of eight of the nine EAAs.

Time For War

The third and final GN Labs Signature Series supplement is the powerhouse pre-workout Time For War from IFBB Pro bodybuilder Adolf Burkhard. The ingredients and doses in a maximum serving of Time For War include the energy and focus features alpha-GPC at 500mg, caffeine and theanine at 400mg each, and 2g of n-acetyl tyrosine.

gn labs time for war

The remaining Time For War ingredients are 2g of taurine, 20mg of BioPerine black pepper, and huge doses of citrulline malate at 12g, beta-alanine at 8g, and arginine at 10g. The GN Labs Signature Series pre-workout does only have 20 scoops per tub, so if you use its maximum serving made up of two scoops, you’ll get just ten workouts.

Where to buy

All three of GN Labs Signature Series products are available for purchase at FIBO this weekend and are also all now in stock over at Gigas Nutrition. Currently, from the German retailer, Mr. M Boosterkeit will cost you €25.42 (28.54 USD) per bottle, Infusion €42.42 (47.63 USD), and the loaded Time For War is €33.92 (38.09 USD).