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HI-Gear goes with 7g of all nine EAAs plus hydration in its new Persevere

hi-gear persevere

The recently released Hawaiin supplement company HI-Gear, who has just the one product at the moment in Prepare, has completely unveiled its next new formula. Like its first, the brand’s second supplement is going to be for a popular category with an amino cocktail that combines amino acids and hydration.

The HI-Gear product is named Persevere, and like a lot of new competitors entering the amino market, it features all nine essential amino acids. A single serving of the upcoming Persevere comes with a 7g blend of EAAs which are branded InstAminos, as well as 2.5g of glutamine and a full gram of coconut water.

HiGear’s second supplement is due to launch sometime over the next few days with the brand’s website expected to be the first place stocking it. It’ll be available in a Crushin’ Cherry Limeade flavor packing 30 servings per tub with individual tubs for purchase as well as a twin pack to save you a bit of money.