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Introducing Erik “The House” Fankhouser’s coffee pre Java Upped

java supps java upped

The popular IFBB Pro bodybuilder Erik Fankhouser also know as “The House”, has put together his brand of supplements called Java Supps. Fankhouser launched the brand less than one year ago with just the one product called Java Upped, which is a competitor in the crowded pre-workout market.

While Java Upped is a pre-workout like a lot of other first supplements from newcomers to the industry, Java Supps has given its product a point of difference. Java Upped brings together a combination of common pre-workout ingredients and a strong coffee flavor, perfect for fans of coffee and working out.

java supps java upped

Java Supps has packed its pre-workout with a fairly straightforward formula including the strength and performance ingredients beta-alanine and betaine. It also has a light 1g of pure citrulline for pumps and to increase energy and focus you get 200mg of caffeine and 50mg of TeaCrine.

For those that feel the caffeine is a little low, Java Upped has actually been designed as a somewhat unique and versatile pre-workout. Java Supps says you can mix its supplement with water as well as coffee, which will, of course, bump up its total caffeine, but won’t ruin the taste since Java Upped is coffee flavored.

java supps java upped

The best place to purchase Erik Fankhouser’s Java Supps pre-workout is directly from the brand’s online store at A full tub of Java Upped comes with the usual total of 30 servings, and it will cost you $35 with plenty of accessories also available including apparel, a shaker, and a custom mug.