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Jurassic Pump will have a 10g serving size and is dropping next week

jurassic pump

Tim Muriello recently confirmed that his brand Spazmatic is getting into the pump pre-workout market with a supplement named Jurassic pump. It was revealed that like most pump pre-workouts, the product would feature a stimulant free combination of ingredients heavily focused on enhancing pumps.

Following on from Tim Muriello’s exciting news, we’ve now got more information on Jurassic Pump as well as roughly when it’ll be available for purchase. The new details we have are that the supplement is built for both pumps and increasing strength, and it will have a 10g serving size with 30 servings per tub.

Unfortunately, we still don’t know what any of the ingredients or doses are going to be in Tim Muriello’s exciting Jurassic Pump, but as mentioned, we now know when it’s releasing. The product is in fact due to drop in less than ten days, so you can probably expect to see it available sometime next week.