Mysterious Max Effort Muscle sachet appears in hard gainers image

max effort muscle oatmeal

Max Effort Muscle has pictured a mysterious and possibly all-new product that appears to be an individually packaged bag of oats. The brand has not said or mentioned anything about it, only shared an image of it in a small sachet that seems to be a fairly finalized looking item.

The packet of oats which is branded with Max Effort Muscle’s logo, has appeared alongside a post about a homemade hard gainers shake. Included in that hard gainers recipe is the brand’s own Tri Blend Protein and Creatine, and oats, so the appearance of the oats sachet is fitting.

The highlights promoted on the mystery Max Effort Muscle product are “Lower Sugar” with a “Maple & Brown Sugar” flavor. On the packet in much smaller print, it also says “This product has 7 grams. Our regular Maple & Brown Sugar Flavor has 16 grams.”

Based on the random appearance of the oat looking item, we suspect Max Effort Muscle is coming out with a Maple & Brown Sugar flavored oat product. We imagine there is more to it if that is what the brand has coming down the pipeline, although for now, all we can do is speculate.