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Recently released MegaFit Meals supplement line gets a fat burner

megafit performance mf-burn

The meal prep company MegaFit Meals recently released its own line of supplements with MegaFit Performance featuring three different products. The brand and its supplements hit the market earlier this year with all mainstream category formulas in a pre-workout, amino, and protein.

Almost three months after that initial launch, MegaFit Performance has expanded its family of products and introduced another popular category supplement. Now available from the brand is MF-Burn, a stimulant-powered formula designed to enhance thermogenesis, increase metabolism and energy, and help burn fat.

MegaFit Performance has packed its first new product with a whole bunch of ingredients including a good amount of stimulants. MF-Burn is a non-transparent formula, so you don’t know the dose of any of its ingredients, including the caffeine, just that they all combine for a total of 1.48g per two-capsule serving.

megafit performance mf-burn

From heaviest to lightest, the features making up MegaFit Performance’s MF-Burn are theanine, caffeine, PEA, tyrosine, n-methyltyramine, and Paradoxine branded grains of paradise. Following on from that is Lean GBB, African mango, cymbidium goeringii, theophylline, isopropylnorsynephrine, black pepper, yohimbine, and 5-HTP.

The all-new MF-Burn is now in stock and available for purchase alongside all of MegaFit Meals’ other supplements over at The price on the product is the same as its amino formula BCAAs and pre-workout Mega at $39.99 for a full-size 30 serving bottle.