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Muscletech launches its Pure Series at Target with 100% Whey Protein

muscletech pure series whey protein

Muscletech has introduced an all-new line of supplements called the Pure Series which currently consists of just the one item in 100% Whey Protein. The product is a pretty straightforward protein powder featuring a blend of whey proteins and made with absolutely no artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners.

A single serving of Muscletech’s Pure Series Whey Protein provides 26g of protein from a blend of whey concentrate, 97% and regular isolate, and hydrolyzed whey. It also has maltodextrin in the formula with the rest of its nutrition profile being made up of 7g of carbohydrates, 2g of sugar, 3g of fat, and 160 calories.

Muscletech has launched its first-ever Pure Seris supplement in just two traditional flavors to start, with Milk Chocolate and Vanilla. They come in the one 2lb tub size packing a total of 23 servings, and are currently only available at Target in the US where they’re in stock now and will cost you $24.99 each.