Nutrabio’s Strawberry Lemon Bomb joins the menu of another two products

Apr 5th, 2019
nutrabio strawberry lemon bomb

About one month ago Nutrabio introduced a new Strawberry Lemon Bomb flavor for its still very new supplement, the hybrid formula Alpha EAA. Just two weeks after adding that new option to its Alpha EAA menu, the brand launched its Strawberry Lemon Bomb flavor for three more products.

To keep up its promise of at least one new release every week for the first six months of 2019, Nutrabio is back again today with another two Strawberry Lemon Bomb supplements. The latest products the Stack3d Certified brand has decided to add the option to are the aminos, BCAA 5000 and EAA Pure.

Nutrabio’s online store is expected to be the first place stocking the Strawberry Lemon Bomb BCAA 5000, although that won’t be the case for the other item. EAA Pure is, in fact, a brick and mortar exclusive, so fans will have to wait for the flavor to hit physical retailers before they can try it.

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