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Olimp also launches a new fat burner and protein bar at FIBO

olimp liporazor veggie protein bar

While there is a massive amount of attention on the hugely popular limited edition series of Dragon Ball Z supplements at its FIBO booth, Olimp has introduced two other products at the major expo this weekend. Alongside the Goku protein, Frieza amino, and Vegeta pre-workout the European brand has welcomed LipoRazor and Veggie Protein Bar.

Olimp’s LipoRazor is a caffeine free weight loss formula powered by five fully transparent plant extracts. For enhanced mood, metabolism, and thermogenesis, the brand has packed the supplement with 300mg of cayenne pepper (8% capsaicin), 150mg of wakame extract (10% fucoxanthin), 200mg of Japanese pagoda tree (98% quercetin), 100mg of bitter orange (6% synephrine), and 125mg of cocoa extract (24% theobromine).

As for Veggie Protein Bar, that is Olimp’s all-new vegan-friendly protein snack providing 14g of protein per bar from a blend of pea protein and a source we don’t see all that often in white rice protein. Its other important macros are 9.1g of carbohydrates with 2g of that sugar, 10g of fat with 3.9g of that saturated fat, and 198 calories. Veggie Protein Bar has released in three flavors to start with Strawberry, Double Brownie, and Biscuit.