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RSP combines green tea and MCTs in its brightly branded Matcha Bomb

rsp nutrition matcha bomb

An all-new supplement from RSP Nutrition has arrived this month that doesn’t look like any of the brand’s other products. The item is called Matcha Bomb and as per its title, it features a high-quality, Matcha green tea formula with a little something else in the mix as well.

Matcha Bomb comes packaged in an eye-catching green bag, which is far from RSP Nutrition’s usual light blue branding. As mentioned it is a Matcha formula with 2g of natural and organic Matcha green tea for antioxidants and detoxification benefits, as well as clean energy from its 25mg of caffeine.

Alongside the Matcha green tea, RSP Nutrition’s latest supplement also comes with a 5g organic MCT blend. A solid 3g of saturated fat leads the nutrition profile on Matcha Bomb with 2g of carbohydrates, no sugar, less than a gram of protein, and a total of 35 calories.

Fans of RSP Nutrition can grab Matcha Bomb now over on its website where it carries a price of $34.99 for a full-size, 20 serving bag. There are two flavors to choose from with only one actual flavor in Vanilla Chai, and an Unflavored option to make it easier to mix with other items.