Rühls Bestes from Markus Rühl previews its upcoming BCAA energy drink

ruhls bestes bcaa energy drink

Rühls Bestes is a company we’ve been introduced to at FIBO this weekend that is drawing a huge crowd due to the man behind the brand. If you couldn’t tell by the name, Rühls Bestes is a line of nutrition products from the legendary bodybuilder Markus Rühl who is of course here in person at FIBO.

On display at the Rühls Bestes booth is the brand’s entire selection of supplements including its wide variety of protein powder and essential amino acid formula. Alongside all of that is a product that has yet to officially be released with its first-ever beverage, the energy infused Rühls Bestes BCAA Drink.

From what we can see the upcoming product is Rühls Bestes’ entry into the energy drink market featuring 3g of BCAAs plus an energy enhancing dose of the classic caffeine. It will be a bubbly, sparkling beverage and have zero sugar as well as none of the artificial sweetener aspartame.