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Rühls Bestes launches its isolate protein in a unique Waldmeister flavor

waldmeister ruhl protein powder

Markus Rühl’s supplement brand Rühls Bestes has a new flavor for its fans to try that is not like anything we’ve seen before. The release is for the brand’s high-quality, fast absorbing Whey Protein Isolate which already comes in a creative mix of flavors such as Lemon Cake and Rice Pudding.

Rühls Bestes Whey Protein Isolate is now available in a flavor named Waldmeister that translates to Woodruff, which is a herb commonly used to flavor in Germany. As unique as the new addition to the supplement’s menu is, it’s not too surprising based on the other options it has to choose from.

Those of you out in Germany can now purchase Rühls Bestes Waldmeister Whey Protein Isolate directly from its website in a 1kg bag for the same price as the other flavors at €29.90 (33.65 USD).