Stacker2 Europe introduces its latest pre-workout Inferno Black

stacker2 inferno black

Inferno Black is the latest pre-workout from Stacker2 Europe that keeps it short and sweet with a simple set of five main ingredients, and the majority of them are reasonably well dosed. The supplement intends to help users in many areas during their workout to provide improved performance overall.

To enhance muscle pumps Stacker2 Europe has packed Inferno Black with 4g of pure citrulline per serving, and for better performance and endurance, there is 3g of beta-alanine. The pre-workout’s other three ingredients are a solid 300mg of caffeine for energy as well as one gram each of arginine AKG and taurine.

Stacker2 Europe’s new Inferno Black is expected to be hitting stores and stockists throughout Europe over the next few weeks. It comes with the usual amount of servings per tub at a total of 30, and has two no sugar and no calorie flavors to choose from with Fruit Punch Fury and Lemon Lime Legend.

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