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Xtend combines BCAAs and carbohydrates in its edible Xtend Gummies

xtend gummies

Xtend Gummies is the latest creative supplement from the Xtend brand who just introduced a new pre-workout product with Xtend Elite Pre. The upcoming Xtend Gummies keeps with its theme of being made with BCAAs; however, instead of coming in traditional powder or even capsule form, it is BCAAs in edible gummies.

Basically, the supplement is a jar of 60 sweet, gummy style candies that come in Blue Raspberry and Berry Blast flavors. Squeezed into a serving of six gummies is 3.5g of BCAAs, which is half of what you get in a serving of Xtend Original. Of course, being that they’re gummies, you also get 29g of carbohydrates with 20g of that being sugar.

xtend gummies

Xtend Gummies is quite a creative product and is geat to see from a company as big as the one behind the growing Xtend supplement family. Xtend Gummies is due to be available sometime soon with the major retailer Campus Protein already listing the edible BCAA product in preparation for its upcoming arrival.

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