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Convenient sachet packaged Protein Crisp+ previewed by 4+ Nutrition

4 plus nutrition protein crisp

Another innovative, high protein item is coming down the pipeline from the team over at the Italian supplement company 4+ Nutrition. The next innovation from the brand is an on-the-go snack as well as a convenient little product to boost protein intake called Protein Crisp+.

4+ Nutrition’s upcoming Protein Crisp+ comes in the form of a small 15g sachet filled with miniature, crispy, and protein-packed balls. The product is made with milk protein, has no added sugar, and unfortunately hasn’t had any of its exact nutrition numbers confirmed just yet.

Protein Crisp+ will join a fast growing collection of protein snacks and functional food from 4+ Nutrition that includes great tasting products like Choco Fit+ and a wide variety of low calorie sauces and syrups.