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Julian Smith announces his own supplement line in Arms Race Nutrition

arms race nutrition

Julian Michael Smith is an incredibly popular bodybuilder and fitness influencer with a huge fan base of 1.1 million followers on Instagram. Today it has been announced that he has teamed up with the guys behind Core Nutritionals and ‘Merica Labz for his own brand of supplements called Arms Race Nutrition.

The brand’s name is right in line with Julian Smith’s gym, Arms Race Gym, and it will also be right in line with the no BS standard he has on his Instagram page and membership site. The upcoming family supplements from Arms Race Nutrition is said to be a mix of old school grit and dedication with modern science.

For now, none of the products from Julian Smith and his new brand have been revealed, named, or even previewed. The only detail we really know is that Arms Race Nutrition will have multiple supplements, enough to make up a full stack, which typically includes things like pre-workout, amino, and protein powder.

arms race nutrition

We also suspect the brand’s products will be well put together, not just because of Julian Smith’s involvement, but because the guys from Core Nutritionals and ‘Merica Labz have a hand in it. Both of those brands have a solid reputation for reliable and effective supplements, and we imagine that will carry over into Arms Race Nutrition.

As mentioned, nothing is available yet from Julian Smith and his exciting new brand, however we have got a countdown for when it is due to launch. Over on the official Arms Race Nutrition website, there is a timer currently at 52 days, which means we’re just over seven weeks away from the arrival of the brand.

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