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Beast’s next Guerrilla Chemist collab is the focus formula Neuro Beast

beast sports neuro beast

After sharing a mostly blacked out teaser of its second supplement put together with the Guerrilla Chemist, Beast Sports has shared a full look at it. As suspected, the first part of the product’s name is Neuro, with the entire title of the collaboration supplement being Neuro Beast.

While Beast Sports’ first product with the Guerilla Chemist was a testosterone booster, its second is going to be a focus enhancing nootropic formula. Much like the testosterone booster, Neuro Beast will feature a loaded formula with the brand saying it’ll have 11 different ingredients.

All of the ingredients in Beast Sports Neuro Beast will be efficaciously dosed, which is usually the case anyway with anything from the Guerrilla Chemist. The supplement promises to deliver a complete nootropic experience with enhanced mental focus and cognitive function, as well as improved memory.

Beast Sports plans on releasing its Guerrilla Chemist formulated Neuro Beast in the coming weeks in capsule form with the usual amount of 30 servings per 90 capsule bottle.