Black Skull unveils its on-the-go Energy Gel featuring caffeine and BCAAs

May 6th, 2019
black skull energy gel

The Brazilian based supplement company Black Skull has welcomed another new product this week following the recent unveiling of its Caveira Preta Series mass gainer, Masstodon. The latest from the brand is a more on-the-go and energy based supplement with Black Skull Energy Gel.

The new item is just as its name describes; a convenient and compact gel style product that is designed to help with energy. We have yet to get a look at its facts panel but can confirm the Black Skull supplement is made with maltodextrin, BCAAs, taurine, arginine, and the classic stimulant, caffeine.

By the sounds of things Black Skull is looking to make its new Energy Gel available in stores and stockists sometime very soon. The on-the-go energy product comes in boxes of ten, 30g pouches with just the one fruity flavor option previewed so far in Lemon.