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Formula 19 relaunches in a bigger tub with a new Unflavored option

blackstone labs formula 19

Formula 19 is Blackstone Labs’ post-workout supplement that is said to have been in development for 19 years, hence the number in the name. It comes with a fairly simple mix of four main features including a carbohydrate blend and leucine to help with recovery after your workout.

Blackstone Labs has now relaunched Formula 19 in a much larger tub size with twice as many servings at 30, and in the same three flavors. Those options are the fruity recipes Black Currant, Orange, and Fruit Punch, which have also been joined by a new, easier to stack Unflavored option.

The bigger tub of Blackstone Labs Formula 19 does, of course, have a higher price than the half size original, although it does work out to be more cost-effective. The price on the 30 serving Formula 19 is $59.99 with all three of its flavors and unflavored now in stock at