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Announcing Stack3d’s Clash Of The Cans, a battle for the energy drinks

stack3d clash of the cans

The Clash Of The Cans is a battle for the ages that we’re going to be running for the first time ever in just a few weeks’ time on June 24th. It is a ladder style voting competition open to all energy drinks from all over the world to find the most popular one on the market.

The contest is similar to our annual Protein Wars but for energy drinks, although we are going to be doing some things slightly differently. The Clash Of The Cans will be running for four weeks starting with an all-out open round taking place on June 24th that will run for one week.

The first round will have every energy drink submitted to the Clash of The Cans as well as space for people to submit and vote for a product not on the list. After that first round, we’ll take the 16 energy drinks with the most votes then move onto a knockout battle with four groups of four.

stack3d clash of the cans

Following the battles of four, we’ll take the product with the most votes from each group and put them one on one, head to head for a semi-final. The two winning energy drinks of those head to head battles will then face off in the Clash Of The Cans grand final on July 15th.

The contest is open to any product that falls into the energy drink category, and it can be from any country in the world. We’ll be coming up with an official list in the coming weeks and will be open to adding others to it on request, although as mentioned the first round poll will give voters the chance to submit their own.

The Clash Of The Cans is intended to be a fun contest for both brands and energy drink fans; however, we do have a prize for the company behind the winning product. It is a custom, golden colored trophy in the shape of a classic 16 fl oz energy drink can that is made out of solid steel.

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