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Dedicated Unstoppable Review: The pre-workout’s reputation lives on

dedicated unstoppable review

Dedicated Nutrition introduced a bunch of new versions of already available supplements this year including its legendary pre-workout Unstoppable. The latest version is the third Unstoppable the brand has launched over the years and just like all of its predecessors; it features a loaded, well-rounded formula.

It comes with ingredients for every benefit and effect you could want in a pre-workout including energy, drive, enhanced muscle pumps, and performance. Currently the newest Unstoppable is only available over in Europe with the supplement having a slightly different formula for its US followers.

dedicated unstoppable review


One of the things we’ve noticed with Dedicated Nutrition’s Unstoppable over the years is that despite how good it looks on paper, it always delivers even better in the gym. The third version of the pre-workout is no different as the brand really comes through with a comprehensive and competitive experience.

The standout feature of Dedicated Nutrition’s new Unstoppable is its performance and endurance, that like previous versions truly makes you unstoppable. The supplement has this impressive ability to just push you through every exercise and rep with strength and power that will take you beyond what you’re used to.

The performance side of Unstoppable makes your warm-ups feel lighter than they should, and your intense and stronger sets feel like something you could do over and over. As mentioned, this area is always something we’ve noticed Unstoppable delivers on exceptionally well and is one of the reasons it has such a strong reputation with us.

dedicated unstoppable review

While the performance and endurance are great on Unstoppable, that isn’t where its list of effects ends. The product also packs a strong dose of smooth and uplifting energy that’ll give you what you need to enter the gym ready, eager, and energized.

Unstoppable’s energy comes over you smooth and steady about ten minutes or so after taking it with an enjoyable hit of focus coming alongside it. The focus is actually more of a drive effect where it helps clear your mind and really concentrate on the challenge that’s in front of you.

The last noticeable benefit of Unstoppable is pumps, which is an area it does well; however, it comes down to what you’re trying to do. Isolated, high rep workouts bring out a full, dense pump from the pre-workout but then the performance isn’t as strong, and vice versa. Basically, it delivers in both areas, although you have to push for one or the other to get the best out of it.

dedicated unstoppable review

Fans of Dedicated Nutrition that got the chance to try the previous European version of Unstoppable might remember that it didn’t taste all that good despite being incredibly powerful. This time around that is not the case as the brand has made a night and day improvement with the flavor of this one not just being bearable but enjoyable as well.


Dedicated Nutrition simply continues the Unstoppable legacy with its newest take on the pre-workout supplement. It packs the product’s signature performance and endurance benefits along with great energy and focus, and of course, pumps. When you roll all of its effects together, you get one impressive pre-workout that is also reliable and consistent, delivering a powerful performance every workout.