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EVL gets ready to release its beetroot fueled formula BeetMode

evl beetmode

EVL has unveiled a new supplement it has releasing very soon named BeetMode which is a concentrated beet crystals formula. It is an artificial ingredient free and vegan-friendly product powered by beetroot to provide performance and endurance benefits, as well as support for healthy energy.

As mentioned, the combination of ingredients behind the upcoming EVL BeetMode is pretty straightforward with a total of 5g of beetroot powder. That 5g is in fact broken down into 4g coming from non-GMO beetroot powder, with the remaining one gram from organic fermented beetroot powder.

evl beetmode

EVL is estimating that BeetMode will be out and available for purchase sometime within the next few weeks. Fans are going to be able to pick it up in the one 30 serving tub size and with just the one flavor option to choose from to start in Black Cherry, which is naturally sweetened with stevia.

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