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Scitec Nutrition launches Ice Coffee and Pina Colada proteins for summer

ice coffee scitec whey

The widely available European company Scitec Nutrition has announced two new flavors for its flagship protein powder, 100% Whey Protein Professional. There is no mention of either of the options being limited edition or anything like that, so it looks like they may be flavors that are around for good.

Joining Scitec Nutrition’s already impressively large Whey Protein Professional menu is Ice Coffee, and the cocktail themed Piña Colada. Both flavors provide the product’s usual amount of protein at 22g per serving with whey concentrate as its only source of protein, plus it also has an enzyme blend for digestion.

Scitec Nutrition is promoting the Ice Coffee and Piña Colada Whey Protein Professionals for a wide variety of countries including the likes of France, Germany, Czech Republic, and Italy.