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Inspired combines a heavy mix of greens, adaptogens and more for Greens+

inspired green

Inspired Greens+ is the highly anticipated superfood supplement from Inspired Nutraceuticals who is the brand behind the reputable DVST8 series of pre-workouts. In typical Inspired style, the upcoming product features a loaded formula made up of five different groups of ingredients for a wide variety of benefits.

Making up the majority of the formula behind Inspired Greens+ is its greens and superfood blend including a gram each of chlorella and spirulina powder. There is also half a gram of Aquamin electrolytes that are derived from seaweed and 2g of the branded TruServ organic greens blend of kale, broccoli, and spinach.

inspired green

Next on the list is the Greens+ adaptogenic blend with a gram each of ashwagandha and maca, and five billion CFU of probiotics. Lastly, Inspired has thrown in three ingredients each for liver and neuro support with 500mg of lion’s mane, sunflower lecithin, 300mg of stinging nettle, and 100mg each of ginkgo, dandelion, and milk thistle.

Inspired mentions that users of its heavily dosed Greens+ may experience improvements in immunity, mood, energy, endurance, digestion, alkalinity, and hormonal health. The superfood supplement is going to be available for pre-order tomorrow through the brand’s website with a special early bird offer at $30 per 30 serving tub.